• DD STUDIO PRO employs a team of multimedia specialists dedicated to bringing our clients outstanding quality multimedia productions in all formats at affordable prices. We use animation, video, photography and audio to create material that will get and hold the viewers interest in order to have your message heard and remembered.

    DD STUDIO PRO provides the talent, shooting, editing and reproduction in house. We take care of all scheduling so you only have to make one call to find out the status of your project.

    DD STUDIO PRO is targeted on video and audio preparing, supporting, producing and distributing of multimedia products. Studio was established in 2005 and from that time we already experienced complete organizing and production with a couple of succesful products.

    DD STUDIO PRO disposes of professional video, audio and photo equipment and computer backup and etabled net of external cooperating experts and specialized firms.

    DD STUDIO PRO offers providing, preparing and taping concerts, videoclips, reportages and documents recorded from different meetings and actions, commercials, weddings and others family´s, club´s or community´s events for commission.