DD STUDIO PRO - Flying Video Recording

  • DJI INSPIRE 1 - Camera-equipped drones are a fantastic tool for photographers and filmmakers to capture stunning aerial footage. But why invest this much when you can simply rent one and get the desired coverage when you need it? At Open Valve Rentals, we offer a convenient, affordable drone rental service that will make the acquisition of your aerial footage hassle-free. Controlling a drone is no easy task and takes practice and experience, which is why our rental rates include a pilot. We will bring along the DJI INSPIRE 1 drone and take the stress of focusing on your aerial footage out of your hands.

    ABOUT THE DJI INSPIRE 1 - DJI's groundbreaking INSPIRE 1 is a drone that includes a 12-Megapixel camera allowing high-res stills in DNG RAW format and up to pristine 4K video in many formats and different frame rates. Monitoring is done via a wireless connection between the drone and an iPad. The camera is attached to a stabilized 360⁰ rotating gimbal.

    RENTAL INFORMATION - Rates $300.00 includes drone and pilot up to 3 hours of labor. We bring along 3 batteries and each battery provides 15 minutes of flight time.  We will recharge on set and on location. It's not legal to fly drones everywhere, i.e. close to airports, certain beaches, churches, schools and state parks. The FAA now has permission to regulate drones. Keep restrictions in mind when planning aerial footage locations. Permission for private property locations is required. We currently rent in the Chicago and suburbs area. For distances exceeding 60 miles, the fee is $50 or above. Full payment is due at end of rental period.